White Rose
Color Granite

White Rose Granite is natural stone that has a beautiful white background with widespread grains and this stone is usually medium to coarse grained, occasionally with some individual crystals and has some larger black pieces veins of brown, black, and grey in it, The veining and color varies considerably and a small for the White Rose Granite. It is ideal for both interior and exterior use. this granite become the best seller in India due their strength and durability. White Rose Granite commonly used to make counter tops, floor tiles, curbing, building veneer, monuments and many other architecture building. When choosing best granite for your kitchen counter tops or floor bathroom, you will see a variety of high prices. But by using White Rose Granite, you will get affordable prices, so when it come to decorating your home interior, it will become good ideas if you use White Rose Granite as a part of your home interior or exterior areas.

Stone Area : Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, India.

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